About The Style Concept

The Style Concept is Olga Czimbalmos’ website and blog about interiors, design, art and style.

My intention with The Style Concept is simply to share my findings, the beauty of design and to get inspired by different creations.

About me

Olga Czimbalmos Interior designer

Olga Czimbalmos Interior designer

My name is Olga Czimbalmos and I am an interior designer who grew up in a family which owns an interior fabric and textile store and showroom. It was inevitable to fall in love with the beautiful fabrics and design at an early age.

As an interior designer I am dedicated to think outside the box and create fresh and inviting homes that reflect the individuality of the owners and provide a great fusion of functionality and design. I am determined to make dreams come true as everyone deserves a great home.

I would define my own style as urban modern with a hint of chic, and I also like mixing it with different styles for example industrial and Scandinavian.

Thank you for your interest in The Style Concept.

Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact me.